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Coraline Poster Variant

Coraline Poster Variant

designer: Graham Erwin

$ 80.00

Color Variant.

"Back in 2009, Coraline was my first introduction to the amazing stop motion animation of Laika Studios. It's detailed setting and whimsical characters immediately pulled me in, and when Mondo asked if I'd be interested in doing an officially licensed poster for the film I knew it'd be a perfect fit. I always like to pack tons of easter eggs into my work, so I thought it'd be fun to do more than a color swap with the variant and to additionally showcase different character models, giving several nods to the doppelgangers from the "Other World". With Mondo's copies selling out immediately upon release, this small edition of artist's proofs are the only remaining copies (and the only signed by me) so grab a set before they are gone for good!" - Graham

  • colors:


  • edition:

    19 APs

  • paper:

    Paper French Construction Steel Blue 100#

  • size:


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