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Miles Davis

Miles Davis

Designer: Billy Baumann

$ 30.00

Miles Davis' "In a Silent Way" from 1969 is one of his most celebrated records so it was an honor to be asked to produce a poster for it.
This quote from Phil Freeman sums up the record well.
"It didn't swing, the solos weren't even a little bit heroic, and it had electric guitars... But though In a Silent Way wasn't exactly jazz, it certainly wasn't rock. It was the sound of Miles Davis and Teo Macero feeling their way down an unlit hall at three in the morning. It was the soundtrack to all the whispered conversations every creative artist has, all the time, with that doubting, taunting voice that lives in the back of your head, the one asking all the unanswerable questions."
We tried to capture that in the poster - no small task.
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    Accent Warm White 100# and French Black Top 100#

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